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1. Why do we deliver from Asia, among other places?

We have chosen Asia as one of our main sourcing locations for several reasons:

  • Through our parent company Rieckermann, we have several locations in Asian regions and are therefore able to be in close and landlocked contact with our suppliers. This enables us to observe quality and to act and intervene quickly and effectively on site in case of problems, so that quality is guaranteed and customers can enjoy a trouble-free and trustworthy shopping experience.
  • Many Asian suppliers have managed to improve their quality so much that they can easily keep up with European manufacturers and at the same time have a price advantage. However, many Asian manufacturers do not have the possibility to overcome the overseas barriers themselves and this is where we, as a digital platform, come into play.
  • We see huge potential in the Asian markets for packaging solutions and want to create an advantage for both manufacturers and buyers of packaging.

2. What does sustainability mean in the context of Asia?

3. How can you guarantee that the product meets my quality requirements?

4. What design options do I have with the product?

5. Is there a minimum order quantity of products?

6. Are all bags suitable for food?

7. Are the sustainable PE bags also suitable for oily packaged goods?

8. How do I seal my bags?

9. Are sample bags available?

Sample bags are available from us at any time on request and after clarification of the initial wishes and requirements. Because the best way to get an idea of the feel and look is to see for yourself.

10. What is the barrier function of a pure monomaterial PE bag?

The barrier functions of a plastic are essentially always dependent on the thickness of the material used and its structure, i.e. the density. With a pure PE bag, you can roughly say that with the right choice of PE thickness, products such as pet food, nuts, food supplements and powders can be filled without any problems. However, we adapt these values individually to your product.

11. What type of printing is used for the sustainable bags?

We use the gravure printing process and can thus achieve high print qualities.

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