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M2B is the platform for professional project planning and procurement of filling and packaging machines from global manufacturers.

Machine2B, as a Rieckermann GmbH company, can offer you a unique advantage. We bring over 130 years of experience in trading machines to and from Asia and the Middle East, as well as special competencies and long-standing relationships.

As a trusted partner in the Asian industry, we can assess the performance, quality and reliability of our currently selected machine manufacturers better and more accurately than any other company on the market. Our portfolio is based on a global network of highly qualified machine manufacturers with whom we have long-standing and reliable relationships.

At the same time, our manufacturers have reached a level that exceeds most expectations, which is why we are now presenting this service to you in the German market.

These unique relationships are what make the great added value of high quality at competitive prices possible in the first place.

Our partnership includes a great opportunity for our customers

In addition to project planning and trading, we also provide excellent, fast and reliable service and outstanding communication.

With our global network of quality suppliers, we can provide a solution for any filling and packaging application request. In the food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical, or even non-food consumer goods industries, we are strong.

As a Machine2B customer, you can expect a lot not only from the machines themselves, but also from the technical support provided by us and our highly qualified service partners.

We firmly believe that the remarkable benefits of these services also deserve a place and satisfied customers in the German and European market.

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