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When choosing Packsquare, you save valuable time and money. Our simple inquiry process identifies the right supplier for your individual packaging solution at the right price.
With just a few clicks, you save the time and effort that would otherwise be required for an extensive search for the desired product.

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Cost & time saving

Save time and money on packaging purchases

Packaging design is becoming more and more individual and unique. Besides, it is nowadays very difficult to find the right supplier for individual requirements in the B2B sector.

We want to simplify exactly that and, through our global network of manufacturers, have the possibility to find the most suitable supplier for your individual specifications. With our digital inquiry tool, we are able to quickly and effectively generate quotations from manufacturers around the world, giving you a significant price and time advantage.

We save you time in identifying the manufacturer with the right products and money through the competitive prices of worldwide offers.

Logistics & procurement

We take care of the logistics and procurement of packaging.

Your one-stop shop for the packaging industry. With our risk-free and secure sourcing services, you can enjoy a hassle-free customer experience. Our global network and partnerships of logistics companies ensure efficient deliveries of products from all over the world to Europe.

However, we cannot solve all efficiency problems, so we also offer our customers the possibility to store their goods with us, so that larger orders can be created, and our customers can always access their products in their own country. Of course, without extra costs!

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Only through us can you get the most innovative and sustainable packaging

Packquare offers you insights and can offer you the latest product developments in the packaging industry from which you can benefit exclusively. This is because we work with the most innovative manufacturers from around the world.

We offer the latest designs and product specifications, as well as sustainable packaging. Whatever your packaging needs, we scan the global market and find the right product for you.

We are hugely committed to new innovative packaging solutions, to a greener world and to sourcing sustainable packaging materials. As a result, we are in partnerships with several packaging manufacturers focused exclusively on true sustainable packaging.


We advise you carefree on your individual packaging, just as you imagine it.

In principle, we can actually offer everything you could wish for.

At Packsquare, we want to provide our customers with a unique consultation experience and fulfil your every wish, which is why you can take advantage of our consultation service free of charge at any time.

We help you find the perfect packaging solution and make the most of all our partners' capabilities. Packsquare delivers on the promise: both to provide high quality products and service, with our extensive network of global experts, and to leverage the experience through our parent company in different industries to offer you the most suitable solution.

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Get complete product and quality transparency for the packaging market

When you place an order with us, you can be sure that you will receive offers that are of high quality and at a fair price. We are very insistent on passing on the quality of our suppliers as transparently as possible. Therefore, we offer all possible samples of our suppliers' packaging.

Transparency in terms of sustainability is also very important to us. We advise our customers on any packaging they want, and we are always transparent about the sustainability of each packaging.

We don't want to push just any packaging on our customers, but rather get them the most suitable packaging that specifically fits their products.

Supplier network

We offer a #1 class global supplier network for packaging

With our extensive network of more than 50 suppliers, you can be sure to get every product you need at the best quality and the right prices. To help you do just that, we use Rieckermann's experience in the Asian industrial business to find state-of-the-art products from manufacturers.

We can offer this in Germany for the following special reason. Rieckermann GmbH from Hamburg has been active in the machine trade for well over 120 years and has specialised in the sale of European packaging equipment to Asia and the Middle East.

The increasingly advanced packaging market in Asia has, over time, led to the integration and competitiveness of Asian packaging solutions in the European market. As a trusted subsidiary of Rieckermann, we can now assess capabilities, quality and reliability of manufacturers far better and more accurately than any other trading company in this market.

In the meantime, our Asian manufacturers have reached a level that is more than sufficient to satisfy our customers' expectations, which is why we are now stepping up to prove this in the demanding German market.

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Our Products

Enjoy all our benefits with every delivery and every product!
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