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At Packsquare, we understand the importance of true sustainability and have sought out sustainable manufacturers around the world who offer packaging solutions that truly support the circular economy.  We can offer a wide range of sustainable products, giving our customers the opportunity to make their packaging 100% recyclable and lead the way into the future.  


Sustainability in the packaging industry

The issue of sustainability, and in particular public concern about single-use packaging waste, combined with other strong trends, is leading to major changes in the design and constellation of packaging. Authorities are addressing the issue and many companies in the fast-moving consumer goods industry and retailers are proactively making bold changes to both improve the sustainability of their packaging and fundamentally rethink their packaging systems.

This has a significant impact on packaging manufacturers and their value chains. Therefore, a lot of time and money has been spent on packaging development over the last few years. For packaging manufacturers with the right focus and ability to innovate, as the new landscape offers significant growth and new opportunities to help customers overhaul their packaging portfolio.

In the future, more companies will have to proactively address sustainability issues as consumer demands and regulatory requirements increase. In particular, consumer awareness of packaging waste in oceans and landfills is driving change.

Many of our suppliers made it their mission years ago to help usher in the true sustainability trend and bring innovative recyclable products to the packaging market.

But what does real sustainability actually mean for packaging?

Plastic and its sustainability

The whole issue of sustainability is very complex, and many argue about the "true" sustainability of packaging materials.

Wrong Plastic Shaming
Plastic has a very negative image in many males and is often labelled negatively by the end consumer due to its properties. However, it should not be forgotten that plastic (especially mono-materials) is most likely to make the claim of being truly sustainable.
One could now cite pages of information, data and facts proving that plastic actually solves many of our climate change problems. In a nutshell, plastic (when recycled properly) has the least impact on emissions from both the production and transport of packaging

So we wouldn't put a stamp on plastic directly. We are in many partnerships with the most innovative packaging manufacturers in the world, and many of them rely on mono-materials. Packaging made of monomaterials has the property of being 100% recyclable, as it can be easily separated from the rest of the waste during disposal and therefore contributes enormously to the circular economy in Europe.

We also know that plastic does not have the best image, yet we and many others believe in changing that image and explaining to society that plastic does not equal bad for the environment.

Sustainable Proof Points

New plastic vs. recycled plastic

The issue of new and recycled plastic is also very complicated. We can understand that many customers who want to be sustainable are most likely to buy products made from recycled material. After all, why produce new plastic when there is enough in circulation, right?

Plastic and its Reusability
The problem here are the regulations of recycled material in the food industry. Germany has certain rules on which plastic materials can be reused in the food industry and which cannot.
PET (polyethylene terephthalate), mostly used in plastic bottles, can be recycled and reused in the food industry. PE (polythelene), mostly used in flexible packaging such as bags, can be recycled, but unfortunately does not yet have the properties to be used back in the food industry. This will definitely change in the future, but at the moment the production of mono-material bags is therefore almost only possible with new plastic for the food industrie.

Circular Economy and new plastic
Nevertheless, correctly new plastic (monomaterials) also work towards the circular economy, as new plastic is created, but at the same time significantly more waste can be recycled and thus more recycled materials can be created for a wide range of non-food applications.
We need to get the circular economy going first, and mono-materials like this with 100% recyclability will boost it so that more and more recycled materials can come onto the market in the future.

Currently, less than 50% of our waste is recycled in Europe, the rest is incinerated. This is exactly the situation we want to help change.

How can we support you becoming more sustainable?

Our sustainable packaging solutions help you to meet the sustainability requirements of the market and set you on the path to a sustainable economy.

It's time to let the world know that single-use plastic packaging is a thing of the past. Society is increasingly demanding sustainable packaging solutions. We have several suppliers from Asia who offer environmentally friendly and recyclable solutions for packaging materials.

In this way, you too can support the green planet approach. Together with our suppliers, we are continuously working to meet the market demand for recyclable packaging alternatives.  

Do you want the packaging material you use to be made from sustainable materials?

Contact us and make the world a better place!

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