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When should you start your own production?


When it comes to production, companies are often faced with the question of whether to build their own production line or outsource the process. While outsourcing can be a cost-effective solution in the short term, there are several factors that can make building your own production line the better choice in the long term.


Design principles in flexible packaging to advance the circular economy


Flexible packaging is an essential part of many elements of everyday life. They are a resource-efficient packaging that plays a key role in protecting food and other products, preventing food waste, minimising resource consumption and providing important packaging functions.


Packaging in the pharmaceutical industry


In general, the legislator places high demands on the packaging of food and medicinal products. Therefore, packaging is of high importance in the pharmaceutical industry, because there are a lot of things to consider. Which material? Which closure? How sustainable? These are just a few of the many questions surrounding pharmaceutical packaging.


What is the impact of plastic on the environment?


Environmental pollution affects human health, the environment, and even some of the Earth's systems, such as the climate and, air and water quality.


Sustainable packaging options and their properties


How should packaging be put together so that the company can truly say that their product is sustainably packaged? This is a question that more and more companies all over the world are asking themselves. The sustainability trend, especially in Western countries, is acute and fragmented.


The packaging law


Which packaging is covered by the Packaging Act? Which packaging is subject to system participation? Due to the increasing numbers of packaging waste, the Packaging Act is omnipresent in Germany and has been regarded with high importance since 2019. Accordingly, there is a great focus on the transparency of the recycling system within Germany in order to minimise the negative aspects of packaging waste. The Packaging Act creates a legal framework for so-called packaging companies, which must register and participate in the system...


Plastic packaging in conjunction with a closed Cycle

Plastic packaging

In general, the following applies to the future of packaging: - Avoiding packaging is the top priority, provided that this does not increase the ecological footprint of the product (for example through more food waste with less/different packaging)


Monomaterials and their contribution to the circular economy

Monomaterials in the focus

PE pouches and PP pouches, a great part of the packaging future and savior in need. We should not consider plastic as an enemy, but analyze the possibilities and step into the future wisely. Companies should realize that mono-plastic will play a part in the future of sustainable packaging industry and sooner rather than later should help to achieve this future as soon as possible. PE packaging, as well as PP packaging, can provide customers in a wide range of industries with the protection and barrier properties they need.


The conservative packaging world and its sustainable future


Packaging has been around for quite some time, because packaging exists for a reason. The primary goal of packaging is to protect the packaged product. It was only much later that the approaches of marketing and product placement were added. But let's remember that packaging is the protection for the product and that's what you should pay attention to. In recent decades, an important development has taken place in the world of packaging, namely the issue of sustainability.


Plastics and their recycling properties


In general,most plastics are quite easy to recycle. You have to sort them by type, shredthem and then remelt them into new shapes. This requires very little energy andrecycling can be done many times with little or no loss of properties.‍ But why dowe know so little about it?


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