Different Closure Types

Different Closure Types

The closure of a bag is one of the most important aspects of the packaging. An incorrect closure could cause the contents to be damaged by unwanted external influences or leak from the packaging. Therefore, it is important to choose the right closure depending on the packaged product. However, this is not always so easy.

That's why we present you our top 4 closure types.

1. press to close
The pressure closure Zipper, as the name suggests, can be closed and opened again by applying a small amount of pressure. This is made possible by 2 thin plastic rails that fit perfectly into each other. Similar to the tongue and groove principle. Due to the easy reversible opening and closing, the zipper is one of the most common closures and is often used for storing smaller individual parts or also in the food industry for individual piece goods, such as biscuits or nuts.

2. double track zipper
The double track zipper is the same closure as the press to close zipper. The only difference is that here the closing mechanism occurs twice in a row, which provides even more security. This means that this closure can also be used for powder-like products.

3. top slider
The top slider works similarly to the press to close zipper. Here, too, two plastic rails are pressed together to close the bag. With the Top Slider, however, the mechanism is triggered by a sliding zip that you simply pull across the width of the bag, just like a zip. Here too, the packaging can be opened and resealed very easily without any loss of quality.
This type of closure offers greater security when closing a package, which is why it is often used for reusable airtight packages, such as freezer bags.

4. aplix zipper
The Aplix Zipper is a closure that is not yet very widespread, but also offers its advantages. It can be reused many times and is closed by applying a short amount of pressure. However, it is very different visually and also in the closure mechanism. The Aplix Zipper works by many small hooks that anchor together and thus provide a secure hold (comparable to a Velcro fastener). As a result, it is also wider than its predecessors, but this offers two advantages:
Firstly, the zipper does not have to lie perfectly on top of each other to be closed successfully and secondly, the closure also works when small particles, such as grains of sand or powder, get in between. This closure is therefore perfect for powders such as flour, spices or food supplements.

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