The environmental icons

The environmental icons

Due to the increasing focus on sustainability and the high informative value of the product label for the end consumer, the importance of the label is greater than ever nowadays. Here, not only the product information, ingredients and manufacturer are mentioned, but also recyclability, the type of management and the impact on the environment.

But what do the symbols on a label actually mean?

The Forest Stewardship Council symbol ensures that the forest management of the paper used originates from sustainable and environmentally sound cultivation. For wood products, the FSC label is more important compared to other labels, as the requirements are more ecological and strict. For paper products, it is generally more advisable to use recycled paper, so look for the blue angel label on paper products.
FSC minimum standards include the conservation of biodiversity, water resources and soils, as well as workers' and land use rights.

Blue Angel:
The symbol is used by the Federal Environment Agency to set requirements that must be taken into account in the manufacture of the product or the product itself.
Therefore, the symbol reflects the protection of the environment and health. The criteria include the question of how the products to be manufactured affect and pollute the climate, the soil, the air and the environment in general. In addition, great importance is attached to the durability of the product, as well as to its recyclability.

The Green Dot:
The Green Dot on packaging symbolises the responsibility of packaging companies that place products on the market to collect them correctly and finally dispose of them. This takes place in the form of a dual system, where a great deal of focus is placed on producer responsibility. The companies finance the correct disposal of the packaging.

Disposable symbol:
The disposable symbol is primarily intended to show that the product is fundamentally unecological compared to reusable products. It is prescribed by law that disposable products must be labelled with this symbol, as well as be provided with a higher deposit, in order to ultimately promote that the disposable products can be returned to the material cycle.

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