The perfect match

The perfect match

Every package needs a number of machines to be produced, filled, closed and packed.
In addition to our packaging network, we also work very closely with our partner "Machine2B". M2B is your platform for professional project planning and procurement of filling and packaging machines from global manufacturers.
We thus offer many customers the opportunity of a one-stop shop with unique price advantages for machines when procuring packaging. You will receive individual advice with our partner to implement your projects quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Machine2B has a clear vision: Machine2B is convinced that mechanical engineering has developed enormously outside Germany. Especially in the Asian region, manufacturers have emerged very strongly. This results in competitive quality and noticeable price advantages.
We firmly believe that the remarkable advantages of these services also deserve a place and satisfied customers in the German and European market.

Our partnership includes a great opportunity for our customers. Not only can you get everything in one place to start your production, but you also get the confidence that comes with Packsquare.
Trust us and our partner to solve your problems.
Together we offer our customers an ideal combination for sourcing in the packaging industry.

Here you can find our partner:

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